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GMS Recruitment

GMS Recruitment is a specialist medical recruitment agency, specializing in placing doctors globewide. It has been designed to connect health care facilities with highly skilled and appropriately placed medical professionals.

Psychology’n recruitment

Our founder, Practicing Psychologist, Kate Wyrzykowska has gained professional experience in both, hospital and medical recruitment agency environment. That makes her uniquely qualified to understand the needs of both clients and advanced medical personnel.

Knowledge, professionalism, experience

Our recruitment consultants are dedicated professionals who bring a variety of skills to our team. They have experience in various health care sectors, and liaise with both health care facilities and doctors to ensure prompt and efficient service.

Code of Practice for the International Recruitment of Healthcare Professionals

GMS Recruitment adheres to the Code of Practice for the International Recruitment of Healthcare Professionals. The NHS Employers organisation is responsible for the implementation of the Code and manages the list of commercial recruitment agencies that adhere to this. NHS Employers represents Trusts in United Kingdom on workforce issues more info.