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» Oman

Radiology Doctor
» Position:Radiology Doctor
» Location:Jutland
» Job type:permanent
» Salary:min. €94.000 per year (including pension benefits)
» Specialization:radiology
» Language skills:English: fluent
» Job description:Staff specialist at the Radiology Department, University Hospital, Denmark

Position: Staff specialist
Place of employment:
The Department of Radiology, University Hospital, Denmark.

As a rule, all staff specialists are employed according to the common agreement in the department, and the specialist rotates between the different sections. Deviations from the common agreement on a basis of needs and wishes can be made. If special agreements are made, a written supplement will be composed. Work in other hospitals in the region also occurs.

Organisational position (the immediate superior):
The staff specialist refers to the Chief Consultant of the department.

Manner of employment:
Staff specialists are employed with salary and terms of employment according to the collective agreement between The Danish Regions and the Association of Junior Physicians (Foreningen af Yngre L?ger).

The department profile:
The Department of Radiology consists of several sections located in the University Hospital.

The annual number of examinations at the department is approximately 250,000. About 250 people are employed in the department, mainly in the area of the three large staff groups; physicians, nursing staff, and secretaries.

The department carries out examinations and treatments within all areas of radiology. It is highly well equipped with modern equipment facilities and advanced PACS and RIS.

The department takes part in the education of physicians, medical students, radiographer students, secretary trainees, and other trade groups.

The group of physicians is at the moment divided into 9 sections:
Neuro-radiology,musculoskeletal radiology, gastro radiology, vascular interventions, thorax radiology, oncoradiology, uroradiology, mamma radiology, and pediatric radiology. The individual sections cooperate in different sections, which make the following sections: Neuro-ortho, gastro-vascular, thorax-onco, uro-ped and mamma screening.

The department has 2 types of duties: The on-ward duty, typically carried out by residents and on-call, typically carried out by senior residents and staff specialists. We are working on establishing a special type of duty for neuro-radiology an on-call duty for chief physicians. Here, experienced staff specialists will be able to participate.

Primary function:
The staff specialist must take part in the general work of the department on equal terms with the other physicians employed in the department. This includes on-call duties and acute work.
Engagement in specific areas of interest can be agreed upon after having rotated between the different sections for a period of time. Together with the cinsultants in the sections the staff specialist must be a part of the development and scientific processes that goes on in the sections and in the department.
The staff specialist must participate in teaching all the different professional groups in the department and also in the education of junior physicians.
Formal area of responsibility Diagnosing and treatment of patients that are referred to the department on specialist level.

The staff specialist must be a specialist in diagnostic radiology, experience with or interest in one of the following specialties is appreciated: gastroenterological radiology, oncological radiology, urological radiology.

The staff specialist must independently be able to carry out interventional procedures, such as placing drainage tubes, nephrostomy and ultrasound-guided and CT-guided biopsies during the daily shifts and the duties.

The staff specialist must be experienced in using diagnostic ultrasound of all common organ areas.

The staff specialist must be experienced with assessment and description of CT and MR scanning on a level corresponding to basis and regional function.

The staff specialist must be able to describe conventional x-ray examinations and transillumination examinations with a high degree of safety and speed.

The staff specialist must be a good communicator with a focus on oral contact to clinical colleagues, radiographers, and patients.

The staff specialist must be extrovert and strong in patient contact and have the ability to understand and carry out a coherent treatment plan.

The staff specialist must be able to cooperate with colleagues and radiographers and be able to take on the professional management of the individual physician managed procedures (interventions/transilluminations/ultrasound).

The staff specialist must be able to adjust to a diverse department where 2 out of 3 physicians have another background than Danish.

In cooperation with us, you and your family will be offered:
- Minimum yearly salary of 94.000 Euro (including pension benefits)
- 37 hour working week
- 6 weeks paid holiday
- A free, intensive language course and Danish Medical Language Programme with settlement assistance and free accommodation in Budapest prior to work start
- A short trip to Denmark prior to the language course, where you will have the opportunity to visit your future work place and living area
- Cultural teaching prior to departure
- Language course for your spouse and elderly children
- Partner Integration Program with a personal consultant
- Accommodation assistance in Denmark
- Assistance in administrative processes when moving to Denmark
- Assistance for your spouse in search of employment and integration in Denmark
- Guidance regarding schooling and child care
- Access to our candidate network in Denmark
- Information on Danish tax matters
- Hotline service for urgent questions
- Extra Danish classes after arrival to Denmark
- Coaching, regular evaluation and assistance in integration process
» Contact person:Kate Wyrzykowska
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