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Psychiatry Doctor - Intensive Psychiatry
» Position:Psychiatry Doctor - Intensive Psychiatry
» Location:Jutland
» Salary:min. € 94.000 per year
» Experience:several years
» Specialization:intensive psychiatry
» Language skills:English: intermediate

Designation of occupation:
Specialist doctor in psychiatry for the intensive psychiatric area. On the basis of this job description, we are looking for one specialist doctor.

Terms of employment:
Specialist doctor appointed on a group contract basis in accordance with existing collective agreement. Though, first three months of employment are a trial period.

Place of employment:
The psychiatry in North Denmark Region

Immediate superior:
The specialist doctor refers to the duty responsible chief physician within the acute sub-speciality in Bronderslev in terms of medical treatment matters and, for the time being, the chief of clinic in terms of administrational matters. Decision making follows the directive of the region management.

The position is organised at the Psychiatry in North Denmark Region. The position will be placed at Klinik Nord with place of work in Bronderslev.

There is an opportunity for a flexible combination of the position on the basis of the applicants skills and interests.

The psychiatry in North Denmark Region is within an exciting development, where focus is on medical specialisation and increased outpatient treatment. Quality development and research are central elements.

We are dealing with an adult psychiatric clinic with open and intensive wards, patient reception and extensive outpatient psychiatry.

Further information on the Psychiatry in North Denmark Region:

Main duty:
Staff specialist / chief physician within the intensive psychiatric area

Area of responsibility:
- Independently attend to the daily clinical work under responsibility of the sub-speciality chief physician
- Ensuring continuity in every single patient's course of treatment by means of cooperation with other sections and units in the Psychiatry.

Clinical work:
- Ensuring an optimal treatment of every patient through a thoroughly psychiatric and medical evaluation.
- Manage the cross-functional treatment conferences with outlining plans of treatment and evaluations of current progress.
- Direct patient treatment, supervision and training of internal and external staff
- Clinical supervisor toward younger doctors

- Take part in the joint training programme in the clinic, weekly guidance meetings of clinical work,
teaching in other psychiatric-relevant subjects, etc.
- Take part in the clinics literary conferences
- Staff specialist / chief physician contributes with his/her achieved skills, for example by supervising younger doctors under training and psychologists, younger research-interested colleagues, teaching etc.

- Be part of the composition and maintenance of a good cross-functional cooperation with the clinics different staff groups and outpatient units
- Enter into a cooperation with other clinics in the Psychiatry, both regarding working with patients, at joint conferences, meetings and teaching
- Contribute to cooperation with relevant people in the council

- Take part in relevant administrational meetings
- Ensuring medically optimal resource utilisation and ensuring economic resource spending

- Support the sections medical development in proportion to the overall development plans
- Ensuring own medical development and potentially a few staff

The duty is performed in consideration of:
- The mission, values and visions of the psychiatry
- The clinics and sections development plan, cf. the clinics strategic themes
- The Danish Quality Programme
- Core values, strategy, and target for treatment work within the department
- The clinics programme for competency development and career planning given the joint boundaries for the sections / units learning environment and quality- , developmental and potential research activities

All tasks are performed with high level of information, openness, and transparency

- In case of employment as staff specialist, the responsibility and the tasks will be qualifying in preparation for obtaining employment as chief physician. This is ensured through a close relation with the chief physicians so that the staff specialist can take part in chief physician meetings and operation conferences.

Demands of qualification:
The position can be filled by doctors:

- With other educational background than Danish, who is, as a minimum, specialist doctor in psychiatry and has reach Danish authorisation via National Board of Health
- Who by beginning of employment fulfil the language requirements (B2 cf Global Scale) stated in the tender documents
- Who has several years experience in working with patients in intensive locked psychiatry

It is a benefit if the candidate likewise has:
- Teaching and supervisor experience
- Good communicational skills
- Good cooperation abilities in proportion to internal as well as external collaborators
- Have a good sense of situation

The specialist doctor is responsible for:
- Setting own learning goal
- Taking relevant continuing training and further studies
- Keeping updated on the medical profession

Requirements for the desired candidates:
- Specialization in the field of Psychiatry
- Professional command of English
- Motivation for living and working abroad
- Ability of taking part in the 6 months intensive language course

What we offer for specialized doctors:

Work conditions:
- Permanent contract with attractive conditions
- Close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team composed by psychologist, nurses, therapists and social workers, coordinating the team work
- Possibility for personal development by participating research activities depending on personal interests
- Some of the positions are located in the major city of Aalborg, and some of the positions are located in smaller cities in the surrounding of Aalborg
- 37 hour working week with great work-life balance possibility
- Minimum yearly salary of 94.000 Euro (including pension benefits)
- Candidates hired as staff doctors will through their job description undergo training aimed at obtaining chief physician position
- Six weeks paid holiday

Training program:
- A free six months' intensive language and Danish medical language course in Budapest. Course will enable you to manage personal and professional tasks on a high level after arriving in Denmark.
- Settlement assistance of 800 Euros monthly during language course with additional possibilities for financial support. In addition, we offer 80 Euros per child.
- Free child care in Budapest.
- Free flight to Budapest for the whole family.
- Free accommodation in separate apartments for you and your family during training course. Apartments are located in the center of Budapest
- A short trip to Denmark prior to the six months language course, where you will have the opportunity to visit your future work place and city/local community
- Assistance with relocation, and with accommodation upon arrival in Denmark
- Assistance in all administrative processes when moving to Denmark
- A friendly and supportive learning environment aimed focusing on your personal profile
- Separate language course for your spouse and elderly kids

Partner and family program:
- Partner Program with a personal integration consultant
- Assistance for your spouse in search of employment, integration and life quality in Denmark
- Guidance regarding schooling and child care
- Access to our candidate network in Denmark
- Information on Danish tax matters
- Hotline service for urgent questions
- Extra Danish classes after arrival to Denmark
- Coaching, regular evaluation and assistance in integration process

Additional information:
- Here you can also find some relevant information about working in Denmark:

- And some statistics about Denmarks place in the world:

If this sounds interesting and you feel you meet the requirements, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience at We are looking forward to hearing from you!
» Contact person:Pavel Kucharski
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