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Resident Medical Officer
» Position:Resident Medical Officer
» Location:United Kingdom
» Job type:contract
» Salary:up to £2.000 per week
» Experience:2 years
» Language skills:English - fluent

We are presently looking for EU qualified medical doctors, willing to continue their medical career as Resident Medical Officers in the modern private hospitals throughout United Kingdom.

Please, see the general job description and requirements below.

Should you be initially interested in the offer or willing to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us!


1. To be an integral part of the team responsible for the provision of care to patients on a routine and emergency basis, and to provide immediate first line resuscitation to any patient, visitor or staff member as required.

2. To assist in the management of all patients and provide backup support to the consultants.


1. To provide medical cover (routine and emergencies) during hours of duty and to act, as may reasonably be required, on behalf of a consultant in his/her absence when requested.

2. To assume the role of team leader in the event of a cardiac arrest.

3. In conjunction with other RMOs to provide a service to the hospital during the hours specified. To remain within the hospital premises whilst on duty.
In the event of an RMO not attending for duty at the hospital, the current RMO must remain until a replacement is found, thus ensuring continuous cover.

4. To ensure appropriate handover including making appropriate arrangements to pass on information to colleagues when changing shifts.

5. To clerk in and assess emergency admissions as required when the relevant consultant is not immediately available.

6. To assist with preadmission clinics, if necessary, and review results of pre operative assessments.

7. To supervise in conjunction with the nurse team leaders and under the guidance of consultants:

a) the daily clinical management of all patients
b) the post operative care of patients.
c) patients requiring critical care level 2, and above

8. To visit patients at the request of nurses in charge and to carry out an examination of patients when appropriate, recording all findings in the patient notes.

9. To dispense medications for patients when the hospital pharmacist is not available, outside the regular pharmacy hours.

10. To be a named first aider and provide urgent medical attention to patients, staff and visitors in the event of an accident or sudden illness in liaison with the senior nurse on duty and to ensure completion of an appropriate Incident Form.

11. To certify any death of a patient and to liaise with the consultant of the deceased with respect to completing the death certificate.

12. To review test results and communicate any medical problems or concerns to consultants and other health care professionals as required.

13. To undertake certain medical procedures as required by a consultant, or nurse in charge, for example:
- Blood taking
- IV cannulations
- Urinary catheters
- Arterial blood sampling
- ECGs

14. To comply with all hospital policies and procedures in particular those relating to Health and Safety at Work.

15. To maintain confidentiality with respect to the affairs of the hospital, its patients and members of staff.

16. To comply with the hospitals Clinical Governance framework and included therein the Complaints policy and procedure.

17. Undertake any additional clinical duties as requested by the Director of Nursing


1. Two weeks on and one week off or two weeks on and two weeks off shift working system depending on doctors availability.

2. The doctors are provided three meals a day and accommodation (either an allocated room in the hospital or a house/flat on the grounds) during the period that are on duty at no cost.

3. An estimated remuneration: £2.000 per week (£2500 per week for doctors with 6 months paediatrics / 6 months anaesthetics experience)* which breaks down into:

- £1785 base salary
- £215 holiday pay (each working week accumulates £215 of holiday pay which is paid cumulatively during holiday weeks)

* £2500 per week for doctors with 6 months paediatric / 6 months anaesthetic experience


1. Good English

2. An absolute minimum of 2 years post-graduate experience (internship + one year for example)

3. Resuscitation and Emergency medicine experience is highly prized

4. Recent surgical experience in post-operative care (as a guide, at least 3 months surgical experience in total during the past three years.) We occasionally hire good anaesthetic-trained doctors or other experienced doctors like physicians without recent surgical experience to be RMOs, on the basis of interview performance.

5. Competency in basic ward-work skills is a must-have:
- Minimum 300 blood taking
- Minimum 300 cannulations
- experience in doing and interpreting ECGs, urethral catheters, nasogastric tube insertion and arterial blood gases.

* We offer remedial systems for ensuring doctors become trained in these skills before starting work.

7. Paediatric and oncology experience are recommendations add-ons, but not essential


1. To assist in theatre only for genuine emergencies and with the agreement of the senior nurse in charge understanding that an RMOs emergency and ward responsibilities take preference at all times.

2. The RMO is prohibited from obtaining consent for operations or procedures on behalf of consultants.

3. RMOs have no admitting rights to the hospital. All patients must be under the care of a consultant with admitting rights.

» Contact person:Kate Wyrzykowska
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